How To Get Started On An Apprenticeship in 4 Easy Steps

4 easy steps to getting started on your apprenticeship journey

Award winning apprenticeships

Kleek Apprenticeships have been providing award winning hair and beauty apprenticeship training across the UK for 25 years, and in that time we have come across many questions from employers and apprentices alike.

One of the most common areas we get questions on is “How do I start an apprenticeship?” and we would like to pass on some of that 25 years’ experience in helping new apprentices do just that!

Step 1 - Let’s Start at the Beginning

An apprenticeship is just like any other employment opportunity, you will be working in a live salon environment where your employer is usually the business owner. So it is up to you to show them that you are what they need!

Make sure you have a CV that is focussed on the role you are applying for, if you are just leaving school and don’t have a CV full of exciting previous roles, sell yourself with an amazing covering letter. Shout out about your love of the hair and beauty industry, your determination to become a superstar stylist, and your dedication to making a difference in the salon.

Getting Help

If you need help with getting these set up you can book a chat with a Kleek, where our recruitment advisors can help you to write a CV and covering letter, look for a job vacancy most suited to your skills, apply for opportunitiesa and prepare for an interview.

Just fill out an application form and book a slot for a chat.

You can also find some fantastic online resources to give you the best possible CV and covering letter. Check out The Apprenticeship Guide or the National Careers Service.

Step 2 – Finding your Dream Role

Now you have an amazing CV and/or covering letter, and you are all prepared for the job search, you need to find your dream role.

Again, there are loads of fantastic online resources to help you find your apprenticeship, including our very own vacancies page Apprenticeship Vacancies. On this page and many of the other online sites such as, The Apprenticeship Guide and, Get My First Job you will be able to apply directly for the available apprenticeships.

You can also have a walk around your local area to visit salons, you can make a huge difference by visiting the salon and having a chat with the employer. This can be the best way to showcase yourself, it demonstrates a level of confidence that you will need to work in a busy, vibrant hairdressers, beauty salon or barbers.

Step 3 – Starting the Course

Once you have finished the hard work of finding your dream role you need to start out on your apprenticeship journey.

The salon owner may never have had an apprentice before, so may not know what is required, this is where Kleek Apprenticeships can help, just point them in our direction.

We will support both you and the salon through the set-up of the apprenticeship, making sure all the paperwork is complete, and both of you are happy with what to expect from the programme.

Step 4 – The Apprenticeship

Congratulations, you are now taking the first steps on your hair and beauty apprenticeship journey!

Kleek Apprenticeships will be beside you every step of the way, from the start to the successful completion and beyond.

You will have a dedicated educator, access to one of the most innovative virtual learning environments and you will be part of one of the most successful apprenticeship families in England. Making sure you and your salon are getting the most out of your apprenticeship, and everyone is happy and confident throughout the journey.

Find Out More About an apprenticeship with Kleek Apprenticeships

Here at Kleek Apprenticeships, we specialise in hair and beauty apprenticeships so if you want to break into this amazing industry, we are the people to talk to.

You can find out all about our apprenticeships here, or if you want to have a chat with us about the apprenticeships or the career paths you can follow, give us a call on 01325 281295.

Or if you have read enough about our apprenticeships and want to see what opportunities we have available right now you can find all our apprenticeship jobs on our vacancy’s pages.

Good luck with finding your dream career!