How Much Does An Apprentice Get Paid?

You have made the decision to invest in your own, or your salons, future by looking at an apprenticeship and now you are researching the details behind starting out on this fantastic journey.

One of the first questions you will want answering will be what wage will I earn as an apprentice? or how much do I pay an apprentice?

The answer to this is dependent on many factors but there are guidelines to help out. The main one of which is the National Apprentices Minimum Wage, this is the minimum an apprentice will earn while they learn.

What is the National Apprentices Minimum Wage?

Currently all first year apprentices will earn a minimum of £5.28 per hour, this is the 2023/24 rate.

If you are 19 or over this wage will be the minimum you are entitled to for the first year of your apprenticeship after that you will move onto the National Minimum Wage for your age.

Usually the minimum wage and the apprentices minimum wage rates are reviewed every April so, to make sure you have the most recent information visit the Governments National Minimum Wage website.

Can I earn or pay above the minimum entitlement?

The simple answer to this is a resounding YES.

The rates you are paid are set by your employer and the salon owner can pay whatever they think their employees are worth. 

You may start out on the minimum and find the rate increases the more valuable you become, so put in the effort to complete the training and you could be rewarded. Although you may not be earning a lot to begin with, over time, you will start earning more. 

Many salon owners in more expensive areas like central London start their apprentices on a higher rate. 

If you like the idea of 'earning while your learning' but want to find out more make sure you take a look at all the apprenticeships available through The Kleek.