How To Write a CV for your Apprenticeship

Find out how to write a CV for your apprenticeship with these tips from the apprenticeships experts at The Kleek.

How to make your application stand out

When applying for an apprenticeship the key to giving yourself the best opportunity of success is to have a fantastic CV and covering letter, especially if applying online!

Many of the apprenticeship vacancies that Kleek Apprenticeships list on our website get multiple applications and to make your application stand out you need to show the employers that you will have the determination and hunger to complete the training and the professionalism to work in the fast moving, exciting world of hair and beauty.

You may have already worked in the industry or might be fresh out of school, either way, these tips will help you produce a great CV giving you the best chance of scoring an invite to the next stage.

What should I include in a CV?

In this section we are going to list the types of information you should include in your CV and how to display it.

Don't worry if there are some sections of this that aren't relevant to you, you may not have any work experience or other development activities just don't add the section to your CV.

One of the most important parts to this section is the organisation and presentation, make sure that the information is listed in reverse date order, the most recent first, especially when it comes to work experience, and always present your CV as a typed document, photo's and screenshots are a big no no.

Sections we would recommend including are...

  • Skills
    • List the skills you have that are relevant to the role. You might be able to get on really well with everyone so tell them you have a great personality, or you might learn things quickly so you would add that you're a quick learner.
  • Work Experience
    • Go through your previous roles listing the dates, locations and most importantly achievements. For instance
      • June 2020 - Jane's Hairdressing Emporium - Work Experience
      • I completed two weeks work experience at Jane's Hairdressing Emporium. When I had finished Jane said I was a natural with her clients and made them feel really comfortable in the salon.
  • Education
    • List your colleges and schools, and your grades, or predicted grades. Don't forget to the qualifications that are relevant to the industry should come first. 
  • Other Development Activities
    • If you have completed anything outside of school and work list this here. You may have a Duke of Edinburgh Award or have completed a private course these achievements show determination and dedication.
  • References
    • You will usually need two references and they will usually be contacted after you have been offered the position. They should be former employers, teachers or anyone who knows you really well, but you should avoid asking friends and family, they might be a bit biased.

Should i include a covering letter?

The simple answer to this is a resounding YES.

This is your opportunity to sell yourself, explain in more detail why you would be great for the job and what attracted you to the company. It lets you explain how you will fit in at the salon and match your experience to the job.

These tips should give you a good insight in what to include.

  • Why you want the job
    • This should be the first thing your covering letter should cover, but keep it to two to three sentences. Show your determination to succeed in the industry, why this salon would be the best place to kick start your career and the dedication to learning everything you can from them.
  • How do you match the role
    • Use this opportunity to explain in more detail the experiences you have shown on your CV match the opportunity you are applying for. Add in more than what is on your CV but keep it nice and short.
  • Anything else
    • Are you a keen sports person, do you enjoy volunteering or do you love reading. Here's the place to add a bit of personality to help the employer get to know you.

Other things to consider

Now you have completed your CV and covering letter you are ready to start getting out there and applying. But there are a few last points you should look at before making the next step.

  • How should present my CV
    • All employers will accept your CV and covering letter in multiple ways, however to be more professional and to make it easier for the employer you should submit it in Word or PDF formats, especially if you are applying via e-mail or online forms, such as the Saks Apprenticeships application form.
    • Feel free to print some out so when you are walking around your local town or village you can drop in on the local salons and hand them in.
  • Additional information
    • Certain jobs might require you to submit examples of your work, especially for an advanced apprenticeship so having some images available for the employer to look at would be a good idea. If you have a lot you could set up a website or social page just for this purpose, and then just share the link on your covering letter.

Good Luck with finding for your perfect apprentice opportunity. Why not start your serach with our current vacancies, we have listed some below.