Career options for a Beauty Therapist

Explore some of the OUTSTANDING career options available after completing a Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship!

Amazing Careers in an Amazing Industry

The hair and beauty industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding industries to “Build Your Future”, not only will you be able to explore your creative skills to their fullest you will also be helping to make people happier with themselves and your artistry will be on display all day every day.

Professional Beauty Therapists aren’t limited to being a beautician in their local salon there are multiple avenues they can explore after they finish learning to be a beauty therapist, which can take them around the world, they can be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, they can become worldwide superstars and earn salaries to match these amazing careers.

Beauty Therapist

The most common career path for those who have completed the beauty therapy apprenticeship as a beauty therapist you will be working in a beauty salon and completing a full range of treatments from facials and waxing to massages and make up for clients for all walks of life. You will be your clients go to person for advice, recommendations and suggestions helping them feel happy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

A beauty therapist is the go-to choice for newly qualified apprentices, because in this fast-moving, exciting industry the next big thing is always just around the corner, and it allows you to stay flexible and gives you the chance to add more skills whilst being an integral part of a team.

Average earnings for beauty therapists vary widely across the UK and have a lot of different things that can affect them. You could be working in a high-profile spa in rural retreat where clients pay a subsidy for the peach and quiet, you could be self-employed renting room in a busy salon or you could be a part time employee in a cosy countryside boutique, the freedom to do what you want is a big plus for those choosing this path.

Salon Owner

Be your own boss with your own spa and your own team. Many apprentices take this leap after completing their course and some decide the right time to do it is after earning their stripes in one of the multitudes of other careers available to them.

Running a salon is a challenging path to choose but it can be one of the most rewarding. You get to build a team from the ground up, you get to know your clientele and become their friends, you get to help improve the local community and pass on your knowledge and skill you leaned as an apprentice to more apprentices in the future.

You will need to be a master of many skills to become a successful salon owner and an apprenticeship is an amazing place to learn the basics of all these.

Brand Representative

Being a Brand Representative can be something you can do alongside your other career choice.

If you have found that you have a flair for being able to explain the benefits of the after-service products a move into a role as a brand representative could be the one for you.

Visiting salons and spas in your area to let owners and managers know of the amazing results your brand can achieve for their customers. This career choice would be perfect for those that are driven, a gift for sales, with excellent communication skills and the ability to handle pressure.

TV, Movie, Music Make-up Artist

Take the skills you have learnt and get them displayed on screen!

A MUA’s career needn’t be limited to a high street salon, make-up artists are sought after in a wide range of settings and TV and movies is one of the biggest gigs you can get. Working alongside hair stylists you will be making the dreams of the directors and writers a reality with your make up artistry.

Being a stylist in the entertainment sector will bring something different with every new project each of which will push the skills you learnt in your apprenticeship to the limit and each of which will help you develop those skills even further.

Beauty Educator/Tutor

Are you more adept at passing on your skills and knowledge, do you like being able to give people a helping hand, do you think you would shine whilst teaching the next generation of therapists, then an educator role could be perfect for you.

Working in either a static location such as an academy or college, travelling around the country visiting salons to teach learners at their own place, grabbing the latest technology by the roots and teaching in a digital classroom, or even moving abroad and teaching in another country, being an educator you will be using the full range of skills you have learnt in your apprenticeship with the addition of a teaching qualification to give the apprentices of the future the outstanding start to their journey your received in yours.

Many educators keep their skills topped up by working part time as a beauty therapist when they aren’t teaching, and many employers are more than happy to accommodate that as well as helping their educators develop their own skills with professional development days and events.

Cruise Line Therapist

Get your talent to take you around the world by starting a career as a cruise ship therapist.

Take in the sights and sounds of a new location every few weeks while showcasing your beauty and wellbeing talents in an on-board spa on one of the many world cruise liners. These ships can take months or even years to complete their journey and during that time there could be thousands of people needing the skills of a qualified beauty therap[ist of wellbeing therapist to make sure they are ready for that invite to the Captains Table.

You will get all the benefits of travelling the world, visiting exotic and exciting locations all whilst earning an amazing salary.

Mobile Beauty or Wellbeing Therapist

Being a mobile therapist is a great steppingstone between a career as a beauty or wellbeing therapist and moving up the ladder to being a salon or spa owner. You get all the flexibility of being your own boss without the worries of managing staff or renting a space and you are still able to flex your holistic muscles and help your clients feel amazing.

Your car is your storeroom and your clients’ homes are your workspace. You can choose when and where to work and earn as much as you want.

You only need a driving licence and a fantastic social media presence (and a few other boring legal bits 😊).