Essential tips when starting a Hair or Beauty Apprenticeship

Essential tips when starting a Hair or Beauty Apprenticeship

Setting out some essential tips for hair and beauty apprentices just starting out on their apprenticeship journey.

Are you just starting out on your apprenticeship or are you thinking of starting one?  Then these essential tips are for you!

The team at Saks Apprenticeships delve into their, over, 20 years of experience in the hair and beauty apprenticeship industry and have come up with these top tips to keep in mind when you embark on your apprenticeship journey!

Be Punctual

You are now being paid for your time and your clients and employers are relying on you arriving on time for your working day. Get to your salon in good time so that you are ready to welcome your first client. If you have a genuine reason for being late you must let your employer know as soon as possible


Keep In Touch

If you need to let your employer know about anything, make sure it is in plenty of time to find cover. If you are too ill to work, have an appointment or need some time off talk to your employer in person or over the phone, texting and instant messaging is not acceptable unless agreed beforehand. Don’t take advantage or leave your employer shorthanded, especially when you aren’t genuinely ill as employers will look badly on this.

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Dress Smart

You are an employee of your salon and you are representing them to their customers, therefore your hair, makeup and clothing should be appropriate and presentable. Most salons don’t allow sportswear such as hoodies and leggings and they will almost always have some sort of dress code.

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Look after Yourself

In a salon environment you will be working in close proximity to colleagues and clients, therefore it is very important to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Shower, brush your teeth, wear deodorant and keep your hair clean and maintained daily, remember you are representing your salon and you are your own brand.

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Be Flexible

Your salon will most likely be open 6 or even seven days a week and will offer late nights to suit their clients needs and lifestyles, you may be needed to work these shifts and being flexible will always be a positive for your salon owner.


Be Respectful

It doesn’t matter if you are talking to your manager, colleagues, or clients. It doesn’t matter if it is in person or on the phone you should always be respectful, courteous, and polite. Again, you are representing the salon, it’s owner and you so make sure your behaviour is impeccable.

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Take Every Aspect of Your Job Seriously

Although not every part of your job will be glamorous, exciting, or particularly enjoyable sweeping hair or cleaning mirrors is still a part of hair and beauty and even the most experienced stylists still have to do it. Take pride in everything you do, keeping a clean and tidy salon in extremely important to your clients as it reflects the way they will be looked after.

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These essential tips will help you get started on an apprenticeship journey into an exciting, creative, rewarding and fulfilling career in hair and beauty, and Saks Apprenticeships can be there with you.

If you have already taking the first steps and are looking for our current vacancies you can find them using the link below.

Good luck with finding your dream career!