Stacey Louise - Saks Chester-Le-Street

From Hairdressing Apprentice to Creative Director - Stacy is Blazing her Own Trail!

Stacy Louise, a former Kleek Apprenticeships hairdressing apprentice, has gone from strength to strength since completing her hairdressing apprenticeship with us and has recently been promoted to the fantastic position of Creative Director at the salon she started in as an apprentice 14 years ago!

Stacy, who works at Saks Chester-Le-Street, has shown that an apprenticeship is a perfect launch pad to a wonderful career in hairdressing. She spent her time, after completing her apprenticeships, maintaining and developing the skills and knowledge she gained and keeping ahead of the curve in this fast moving and exciting industry.

Now she is at the top of her game helping to develop the skills of new apprentices and improving the salon she has spent her whole career at. We asked Stacey a few questions about her time at Kleek Apprenticeships and how it helped her develop into the top stylist she is now.

Why did you choose Kleek Apprenticeships for your apprenticeship?

The reason I chose Kleek Apprenticeships was that I loved the idea of the in-salon apprenticeship, gaining experience from qualified hairdressers every day, being involved with clients gave me more and more confidence and not to mention their great in salon training.

Did you enjoy your time with Kleek Apprenticeships?

I loved my Kleek Apprenticeship, it gave me a lot of opportunity, from the wide variety of courses at the Kleek  Academy in Darlington to yearly apprentice competitions to show off your own creativity. 

How did your apprenticeship help you get where you are now?

My apprenticeship has given me loads of confidence and knowledge that has helped create the stylist I am today.

After completing my level 2 hairdressing apprenticeship and advanced level 3 hairdressing with Kleek Apprenticeships, I went on to work in the same salon for 14 years, completing my colour specialist degree with L’Oréal and many more courses throughout those years.

What advice would you give to aspiring apprentices to help them achieve?

For all current apprentices, and those looking to start a fantastic hairdressing career, enjoy every minute of your learning, take every opportunity you are offered and be proud to be part of the Kleek family.

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Everyone who worked with Stacey during her time at Kleek Apprenticeships and beyond are proud of what she has achieved and are looking forward to seeing her continue her meteoric rise through the industry.

We are delighted to be able to work with her and her team at Saks Chester-Le-Street, to continue the salons amazing tradition of developing superstar stylists through the hairdressing apprenticeships at Kleek Apprenticeships.