How To Become A Hairdresser

How To Become A Hairdresser?

Becoming a hairdresser can be an exciting and rewarding career. 

In this how to guide we show you the steps you should follow to start your journey to becoming an apprentice hairdresser.

The hairdressing industry is a great choice for those with passion, creative flair and good people skills. You’re able to release your inner creative side, while also discovering new skills on a daily basis.

There are many career paths to follow and many ways into the industry but one of the most successful routes is through an employer designed and professionally supported apprenticeship.

Step 1) Prepare your CV and Covering Letter

To become an apprentice hairdresser you will need an apprenticeship in a salon. To give yourself the best chance of being successful when you are applying for these apprenticeships you should have a great CV or Covering Letter.

If you don’t have one of these you could do a quick search online for guides on the perfect CV or visit one of these sites The Apprenticeship Guide or the National Careers Service.

Step 2) Find a Salon to Learn Your Trade

An Apprenticeship is a work based program, this means you are learning your trade from the professionals who are doing it every day in a busy, vibrant salon.  There is no better place to learn.

This means you need to find a salon in which to complete your apprenticeship. You can start by looking through our vacancies page, where we have all the current opportunities available with Saks Apprentice salons.

Or you can visit local salons to introduce yourself, showcase your confidence and highlight your determination to find a role.

Step 3) Get On Board with a Training Provider

After you have found your salon you will then need a training provider to support both you and your salon through the apprenticeship. Saks Apprenticeships is the UK’s favourite specialist hairdressing apprenticeship training provider.

Your training provider will supply you with all the learning materials you need, will support you through the practical and theory training and help you with all your assesments.

Step 4) Start your Learning

After you have completed all the steps above and an initial induction period you will start on your learning journey. The apprenticeship program lasts around 15 to 18 months on average and at the end of your course you will be a fully qualified hairdresser.