A Pair of Aces from Kleek Apprenticeships Hairdressing Apprentices

Alice Fletcher-Quinnell and Maisie Green from Myla and Davis in London both score 100% on their Hair Professionals Level 2 Standard EPA!


It’s always great to be able to celebrate a 100% pass with our apprentices and their employers and the teams at the Myla and Davis salons in London were having double celebrations when two of their amazing apprentices aced their end point assessments.

Both Maisie and Alice sat their hairdressing level 2 EPA’s in November and both got an fantastic early Christmas present in the shape of perfect 700 out of 700 scores in their Hair Level 2 apprenticeships.

Having battled through a Covid19 hit year, which hit our industry harder than most, the in-salon training teams, Maisie and Alice’s Kleek Apprenticeships Educator Anna and the girls themselves can feel extremely proud of this amazing achievement.

During lockdown and through the pandemic Maisie found learning a difficult experience but with some obviously fantastic training she was proud to be able to achieve her amazing EPA result.

“I’m very proud of the results of my end point assessment! Finishing my apprenticeship throughout the pandemic proved to be quite difficult but I had a lot of guidance and support from my salon training team at Myla and Davis (specifically Jess Gartland and Jose Agullo). I’ve always had a huge passion for curly and textured hair and I was proud to reflect that in my restyle final assessment! I’m now looking forward to extending my training and knowledge of all things hair and working as a junior stylist on the floor at Myla and Davis.”

Maisie Green Myla Davis

Alice who went into the apprenticeship with confidence issues and doubts about her own abilities was guided through the training and the EPA by the fantastic team at her salon and the experienced training from Anna.

‘My level 2 hairdressing apprenticeship at Kleek Apprenticeships has been such a long journey due to Covid19 putting a spanner in the works and there were many times that I felt I’d never get to the end point assessment, but luckily I had my salon teachers pushing me through alongside Anna my educator, who kept me on path all through the lockdowns. We had weekly lessons of both theory and practical which I think actually really helped me when it came to achieving a distinction in my EPA as I had lots of information about the EPA and the key factors for achieving the best possible grade explained to me weekly.

I had always lacked confidence throughout my training and doubted my ability, but gaining a distinction grade with Kleek Apprenticeships has given me confidence and shown me that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it!’

Alice Jessamy Willow Fletcher Quinnell Photo

After completing their, covid delayed apprenticeships both Maisie and Alice have started exciting careers at their respective salons and are both very respected stylists within the Myla & Davis family.

Everyone at Kleek Apprenticeships is delighted with the effort and dedication from these two amazing apprentices and that they were able to secure these outstanding achievements.

If you are looking to follow in Alice and Maisie's footsteps and want to learn to be a hairdresser and you think you have what it takes to become the next perfect score super stylist, Kleek Apprenticeships is the place to start.

We are always adding new opportunities to our vacancies page so pop over and take a look to find your perfect placement and if you are in London pop over to Myla And Davis’ training website to find out more about working in their salons!