How To - Create An Iconic Big Hair Look

This big hair statement look will definitely help you or your client stand out from the crowd.

In this month’s how to guide we are creating a look with amazing volume. This big hair statement look will definitely help you or your client stand out from the crowd.

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What you will need to master the look:

  • Volume Lifting Mousse
    Hair Spray
    Round Brush
    Tail Comb
    Heated Tongs
    Hair Dryer
    Soft Bristled Brush

Step 1: Getting Prepared

Add some volume lifting mousse to create the hold. Don’t hold back when it comes to looks like this product is king. It helps support the look. protect from humidity and will give a longer lasting look.

Volume Lifting

Step 2: Create Maximum Root Lift

While the hair is wet sub-divide into sections and using a brush to keep tension hold the hair up and blow dry from the root up with your hairdryer on a hot setting. Finish off with a cool shot of air on each section.

Section Blowdry

Step 3: Don’t forget the width

Use the same process on the sides but before blow drying angle the hair back slightly, instead of going straight up, to create width and volume through the sides.

Blow Dry Sides

Step 4: Getting all Curled Up

Taking clean sections, back comb the root and curl the mid lengths and ends using a heated tong, start at the root and work down to the ends, pin the hair into barrel curls and allow to cool.

Tong And Curl

Step 5: To the Sides

Following on from the top section follow the same process but direct the hair back away from the face, pin into place with a pin curl and allow to cool.

Tong And Curl Sides

Step 6 And the Front

Same process again but don’t section straight up, add a slight diagonal to encourage the hair to sit back and create volume.

Tong And Curl Front

Step 7: Let it set then Brush it Out

After leaving to set and cool down for 10 minutes, work in sections from the bottom up over and gently brush out the curls using a soft bristle brush.

Brush It Out

Step 8: The Finishing Tweaks

Finish the look by back combing/brushing at the root area and teasing each curl and section into place. Remember to use your mirror to check the balance of the finish. Add hairspray to hold and secure the look and protect the finished look from the elements.

Finished Look

For even more detailed instruction you can watch Luke's video below.

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