The Path from Apprentice to Salon Owner With Jamie Mettyear

Q: Tell us about your journey from a Kleek apprentice into a salon owner.

A: My journey began with a passion for hairdressing straight out of school. Joining Kleek as an apprentice provided me with a solid foundation. After completing my Level 2 and 3 hairdressing apprenticeship, I decided to specialise in colour, earning my L’Oreal colour specialist degree. Owning a salon was always my goal, and after 8 years, I made it happen. I’m now 15 years into my career and have owned my own business for 7 years!


Q: What has been the hardest part about getting to this point and opening your own salon?

A: The most challenging aspect has been building and managing the right team. It's a constant balancing act, especially in the early years. But with time and perseverance, we've established a strong clientele and a fantastic team of 20.


Q: What advice would you give aspiring apprentices starting a career in hair and beauty?

A: My advice is simple: learn, learn, learn. There is no such thing as a hair stylist who knows it all, never stop learning. Take every opportunity for training, absorb knowledge from experienced stylists, and stay updated on industry trends. Mastery of your craft will attract clients and success.


Jamie Hairdressing

Q: How did Kleek Apprenticeships and your Educator help you on your road to success?

A: Kleek played a crucial role in shaping my career. Their education programme provided me with essential skills and knowledge, from basic techniques to advanced methods. They laid the foundation for my success. Their education kickstarted my hairdressing career and opened the doors to where I am now.


Q: What do you love most about your job and why?

A: The most rewarding aspect is the satisfaction of making clients happy. Over the years, my clients have become like family, and I cherish the relationships we've built. Their happiness is what drives me every day.


Q: How important are apprentices to you in building your salon team, following your training experience?

A: Apprentices are vital to the success of our salon. They bring energy, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives. Without their support, we simply could not operate. Training the next generation of stylists is not only fulfilling but essential for the growth of our industry.


Jamie Mettyear serves as an inspirational figure for his profession with his commitment to fostering growth and nurturing talent. This commitment has been recognised by the NHBF (National Hair & Beauty Federation)  who recently asked him to join their board as their Vice-President to further support the hair and beauty industry.

Jamie Mettyear