From Hairdressing Apprentice to Global Stylist for Lizzie Milburn

Lizzie Milburn's transformation from a hairdressing apprentice to an international stylist is a remarkable journey.

Having completed both her hair professionals standard Level 2 and advanced hair professional standard Level 3 apprenticeships, she now travels the world, styling hair on luxury 6-star cruise ships in Miami, the Caribbean, Monte Carlo, Venice, Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, and St. Tropez.

Reflecting on her path, Lizzie expressed gratitude for the training provided. "Thank you for all of the training and knowledge lessons," she shares. "It's helped me achieve the many pathways I've pursued, including this amazing opportunity."

Her journey represents the culmination of hard work and dedication. "I've never been so happy," she says. "All of the hard work and extra training has finally paid off."

Lizzie's story inspires aspiring hairdressers, showcasing the possibilities achievable with a bit of determination and dedication.

As Lizzie continues to develop her career, her story serves as a inspiration for those looking to break into the world of hair and beauty. In the ever-evolving hairdressing industry, her journey reminds us of the unlimited opportunities ready to be unlocked with a Kleek Apprenticeship.

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