Meet Jake Palmer: The Acrobatic Barber

Marmaris Barbers, located in the heart of Durham City is renowned locally for its exceptional haircuts and the inspiring story of their apprentice, Jake Palmer. Jake is a young barber with a remarkable talent in barbering and in gymnastics.

Jake first discovered his love of barbering during his weekly trips to the barbers. He was fascinated by the ambience and the transformations that occurred with each cut. But it wasn't just about the hair, it was also about the joy it brought people. Inspired by his own experiences and the encouragement of friends, Jake embarked on a journey to become a barber himself.

A typical day in Jake's life is a testament to his dedication and passion. Every morning, he arrives at the barbers where he prepares his station, ensuring everything is in place for his clients. As they walk through the door, he greets them with a warm smile, ready to discuss their desired style. With precision and care, he transforms their vision into reality, leaving them not just with a haircut, but with that same feeling of joy he gets when he gets his hair cut.

But Jake's day doesn't end there, as he heads straight to the gym after work. His achievements in gymnastics are extraordinary. From representing Great Britain on the world stage to earning a Guinness World Record for the most skips over a human skipping rope in one minute, Jake's success is testament to his perseverance and dedication.

Reflecting on his accomplishments, Jake is filled with pride. From being crowned British Champion to winning medals at European championships, each accolade serves as a reminder of the hard work and determination that have brought him this far.

A Fade Cut By Kleek Barbering Apprentice Jake Palmer

Jake Palmer (right) collecting his NEGA award.

As an apprentice, Jake cherishes the opportunity to learn and grow. The guidance and support he receives from his Kleek educators is invaluable, shaping him into the barber he aspires to be.

For those considering a Kleek Apprenticeship, Jake offers some simple advice: find a salon or barbershop that believes in you and is willing to support your journey. What Jake loves most about his apprenticeship is the flexibility it offers, being able to pursue his gymnastic dreams, and build  his work relationships.

Looking to the future, Jake is aiming to continue excelling in gymnastics while completing his apprenticeship, with the ultimate goal of becoming known as "the best barber in Durham".

Jake Palmer's success is a powerful inspiration for those pursuing their own dreams. His commitment and determination prove that hard work, perseverance, and passion can help you achieve your goals and lead to continued success..

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Jake (bottom right) Collecting his Bronze Medal at the Europan Championships 2023